Delivering Beauty, Dreams and Satisfaction to Our Customers

Jewelry is created to satisfy our pursuit of beauty.
Beautifully adorning the body in jewelry has been a common dream of humankind since ancient times, while fulfilling this dream leads directly to a sense of satisfaction. The ladies and gentlemen of Tsutsumi maintain the conviction that jewelry plays an important role as an integral part of one's attire, and since our founding we have operated our company under the creed of "delivering beauty, dreams and satisfaction to our customers."

Today, jewelry has come to occupy an existence most essential to our daily life. At the same time, the jewelry needs of our customers have also grown much more diverse. Utilizing market research, including on international markets, we are fully committed to continually delivering products that can accommodate the broad demands of our customers going forward.

Selecting a piece of jewelry is a truly an exciting moment.

Our jewelry advisors unearth the needs of each and every customer through focused conversations and help select the most suitable piece of jewelry from among our broad lineup.

Our retail store jewelry advisors act as highly knowledgeable partners who empower us to deliver beauty, dreams and satisfaction to our customers. We conduct employee training programs that extensively utilize role playing and other methods to foster accurate knowledge of our products as well as highly advanced communication and sales skills in our jewelry advisors. These programs form the core of our service approach to customers.

Sound management principles have been among our top priorities since our founding. We recognize that in order to emerge from the challenging times of today we will need a strong corporate physique as well as financial muscle.

Moving forward, we will maintain our industry-leading profitability and financial soundness, and promise to deliver beauty, dreams and satisfaction to each and every one of our customers.

Chairman Seiji Tsutsumi (Right) / President Satoshi Tagai (Left)

Chairman Seiji Tsutsumi (Right)
President Satoshi Tagai (Left)